Dustin Blake at Indy Productions out of Atlanta is amazing.  If you are looking for a wedding videographer, we certainly recommend him.  As a matter of fact, he’ll be back out here filming the wedding of Margie’s brother and his fiancee, Amber, in October!

Not long ago we got the first peek at our wedding video when Dustin finished up the edits on our trailer.  Check it out!

Greensboro Ga – Margie + Drew – Goodwin Manor Wedding from Dustin Blake on Vimeo.


Unique Grooms Cake Ideas

by Margie on October 10, 2011

I love secrets. And surprises. A lot. Instantly upon getting engaged I knew I wanted to try and surprise Drew with a special grooms cake. He could have cared less about picking one out himself so needless to say he didn’t put up much of a fight when I told him I had it covered. He never, not in ten months, asked a single question about it. In hindsight I guess that made it easier on me because any sort of interrogation and I may have caved! That being said, my husband loves bacon. One request he did have for the wedding was to have a bacon bar. He didn’t get that but he asked. One day sitting here researching ideas much the same as some of you are right now in reading this, the thought occurred to me to Google “bacon cake.” These two images were my favorites from what I found. Can you believe that is a Waffle House breakfast made entirely out of cake!?!
athens cake makers Augusta Cake Makers
So my search began for the cake designer who could make a cake like one of these. The person that could make a cake so special would obviously be able to make a pretty wedding cake so in turn, I’d knock that out as well. Albeit they’d never heard of one before, plenty of designers said they would love to take a stab at making a bacon cake! I had three different tastings and those who have followed the blog know that we chose Debra Adams and as an added bonus her son, Neil, also a talented designer, was going to help out. Again, other than the photos above I turned this completely over to Debra. We decided to serve the cake at the rehearsal dinner as dessert because 1) it saved us from basically paying for two desserts and 2) I wanted Drew to have the opportunity to really enjoy the cake. I was scared if we had it at the wedding it would get overlooked and in turn not really be worth the money spent on it. Once again, our vendor knocked it out of the park! Below is what was waiting for us upon our arrival at the rehearsal dinner. The pack of bacon on top is completely edible as is the chocolate covered bacon (YUM btw!) and strawberries thrown in just to reassure our already made up minds of  how awesome Debra & Neil are! Needless to say, it was a HUGE hit. Completely devoured and I’m still getting compliments from our guests.
athens ga wedding cakes


DIY Brooch Bouquet-The Finished Product

by Margie on October 3, 2011

How to make a broach bouquetI gotta be honest with you…this bad boy had me nervous! My uncanny ability to wait until the very last minute to get something done almost did me in on this one. Friday…and I mean like 3 hours before the rehearsal dinner…I realized I hadn’t finished my bouquet. Who does that!?! All of our friends were arriving so I literally had to lock myself in my mom’s house so that I could get this finished. Without my sister’s help it wouldn’t have gotten done so I really can’t thank her enough. She’s really the reason it turned out as pretty as it did because after attempt 23 to fill in all the gaps between the brooches I was about to throw in the towel. She was able to take the flowers I had and do an amazing job of making it look complete. I am so glad that I chose this route for my bouquet. It took on a meaning far beyond what I’d ever imagined. I got so many gorgeous brooches from my family and friends which made the bouquet all the more special.

So, the materials I used to make my own DIY bouquet:

1)55-60 brooches (a combination of brooches, rings, necklace charms)
2)22 gauge green floral wire
3)needle nose pliers
4)a dowel rod (which I cut in half and used both pieces of to make sure the bouquet was strong enough to support the weight)
5)wire cutters
6)about 24″ of black, satin ribbon for the handle
7)pearl pins that we used to fancy up the handle a bit
8)instead of wrapping the wires and using those to create the stem, I used a 4″ green floral ball. I cut the wire on each brooch down to about 2″ and then stuck that down into the ball. It saved us time and was the right route for us to take since I allowed us so little time but it worked and the bouquet held up just fine. My biggest advice is that if you are planning to use a 6″ floral ball, they’ll tell you that you need 80+ brooches. They’re not kidding. My 55-60 brooches didn’t even put a dent on the 6″ ball I initially bought. In fact, they barely covered a 4″ which is why we used the flowers as fill ins.

athens wedding florists

My bridesmaids and I with their beautiful bouquets by Le Petit Jardin of Madison. Another thing I found fun with the wedding was to just turn the reigns over to the professionals. Debbie at Le Petit is a genius and I had 100% faith in her that her vision for our day would be beautiful. Therefore, the bridesmaid(s) bouquets and about 95% of the rest of the decor that day was a complete surprise to me. When I walked into the reception tent I was literally seeing everything for the first time. There were no photos exchanged between us before hand of what I wanted. I gave her three colors, some birdcages, a few vases, and my trust. She…blew…us…away. In a later post I’ll show you some of the detail shots from around the tent but for the time being, if you’re getting married in the Athens, Atlanta, metro Atlanta, Augusta, Macon area…call or email this woman for a consultation. She and her staff are incredible!



Mr. & Mrs. Drew Sorrell : )

by Margie on September 28, 2011

athens wedding photographer

photo courtesy of dawg prints photgraphy



Wedding Day Is Finally Here

by Margie on September 24, 2011

the tents are all up. the rehearsal dinner is done (and was a huge success btw). my dress is steamed and hanging in the closest. guests are arriving from all over…athens, atlanta, charleston, augusta, rhode island, even california and seattle…

i slept like a rock last night and i hope drew did as well. i can’t believe that today i get to marry my very best friend in the world. he is my absolute favorite.


Tents Are Going Up!

by Margie on September 20, 2011

Augusta GA Tent Rental

The main 40x100 tent coming together. Here you can see some of the tables, dance floor, and chiavari chair cushions..all ready to be installed.

Tent Perimeter Lighting

Installing the perimeter cafe lighting inside the 30x40 frame tent adjacent to the 40x100

Athens GA Wedding Venues

Each center pole has three Par Can lights that will wash the ceiling of the tent in an amber color

Twinkle Tent Lighting

6,500 sq ft of tent total including the 20x20 entrance twinkle tent you can see between the two Pecan trees. This entrance/exit leads right up on to the front porch of Goodwin Manor

It looks great so far.  I hope Drew finishes before all our friends and family start to arrive!


DIY Wedding Programs

by Margie on September 17, 2011

Sometimes I wonder if I might have possibly taken on too many DIY projects. With less than 10 days until the wedding, I’m seriously feeling the pressure to get everything done in time. In a few days Drew and his company will go ahead and start putting up the tents at my parents house. Back in July they did a mock set up to get some practice in on a new tent Drew had purchased. Literally the tent went up and was taken down in less than a hour but for weeks afterwards people were asking about it so who knows what kind of buzz the actual set up is going to generate. When your husband owns the rental company that adds an entirely different level to the DIY portion of a wedding!

Anyways, the programs. My mom and I have worked here and there for months now on the programs. We initially took on this project as a way to save money. Looking back I can’t honestly tell you whether or not we did in fact save very much. The thick stock paper was not cheap andafter deciding we liked one with print much better that upped the cost more. After coming up with the order of the ceremony, picking a font,  and getting it just the way I wanted it, I proceeded with the printing. It took up a lot of ink. Especially when I realized (after printing) that I’d misspelled the best man’s middle name. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Also wasn’t too pleasant one morning in our household when Drew needed to print out invoices for his clients and there was no ink for him to do so. Oops. I spent that afternoon figuring out what the heck kind of cartridge our printer took and where the heck to order one from. Tack the cost of the new cartridge ($85) to the total cost of the programs and I’d be hard pressed to think we might not have been able to get those done somewhere for cheaper.

The time spent with my Mom made it worthwhile, however, because it gives us a chance to laugh and joke around. All in all I’m super pleased with how they turned out. We found a little green basket at Michael’s that we’ll use to hold them.


Day of Coordination

by Margie on September 13, 2011

There was never the option financially for me to hire a wedding planner. Looking back over the experience of having planned it all ourselves up until this point, I have to say I’ve enjoyed the challenge. There have definitely been days where I’ve wanted to pull my hair out but in hindsight a wedding planner wouldn’t have been able to do a thing to smooth out the cause of the frustration. I have known, however, from day one that I would need someone to be there the day of. I’ve been researching and have touched base with quite a few people but their charge for a days work had my Dad asking, “Isn’t there a relative who can do that for you?” I was beginning to wonder if I would ever find anybody.

Doug Paine - Lake Oconee Bartenders

A chance spotting on Facebook a few months back put me in touch with Doug Paine of Lake Oconee Bartenders. We initially were discussing the possibility of his company doing the bartending for our wedding. When I wrote him to let him know that our carterer, Trumps, would be cover serving drinks Doug threw in the side note that he has experience in wedding coordination as well. He worked at the Ritz Carlton in special events before branching out to start his own company here on the lake. I instantly set up a meeting with him and after an hour of talking I felt like I’d found what I was looking for. His pricing is beyond reasonable and since that initial meeting we’ve sat down two more times to discuss details. I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot in that we get along well, he won’t break the bank, and I trust that he understands all the hard work we’ve already put into making this day go as smoothly as possible. Thus far the plan is for him to be there the night of the rehearsal for a few hours and for as long as we’d like him to be on Saturday. The timeline is in place and by george, ready or not, this sucker’s happenin’ in merely 11 more days!!!